Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Rose centred paper wreath!

Upcycled wreaths.....

Well, my latest venture and one which I am really enjoying.....upcycled wreaths.  Why should wreaths be only for Christmas and Funerals!!!!  My sisters love the paper one but I love the black jersey and rose one.....I am practising with lots of flower designs and then hope to have a wee stall at Craignish Hall's Christmas Fair!  Most of this week has been spent painting our bathroom, but my crafty fingers are itching for the glue gun!!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saturday night's alright!!!

Well, tears abound as Phil Vickery wins Celebrity Masterchef! YEAH!  I love that programme so much and will miss my daily Gregg and John fix.   
Then it's Strictly Come Dancing which makes me want to get fit, dance and be healthy but Sunday morning means long lie ins and bacon sandwiches.....oh dear. We have a busy day ahead as we hope to complete the decorating in the bathroom.  My boy has been a great help, painting the ceiling and the 'dragonfly' on the walls looks better now the first coat is dry after our initial doubts!
OK, brushes at the ready...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Paper Wreaths...upcycling!

Here is my first recycled paper wreath.  It is very delicate and has, unfortunately fallen down a couple of times, but i have learned from the experience and have perfected the creation of these beautiful hangings.  I love making them, I must admit.  This isn't the best photograph, in fact, it's pretty rubbish...but I will get Katie, my daughter and resident photographer (!) to take more pictures.